Logo Design-Challenger Custom Series Label

You always want a logo design that reflects the image of your product. 102 Iron Works makes some of the best car hauler trailers you can buy. You can frequently spot them carrying hot rods, muscle cars and custom motorcycles. Their solid construction and features makes them the standard when it comes to hauling vehicles They initially came to us to produce the stickers that go on the side of the trailers. We suggested that we also redesign the logo, starting with their best selling trailer, the Challenger.

The “Challenge”

The previous logo design was three separate pieces; the flame, “Challenger” text and “Custom Series” text. The text was in a bold, sans-serif font, which did not really inspire one to think of high-end hot rods and muscle cars. Plus, with three separate pieces, this made the decals more expensive to produce and more time consuming to apply. We used the font “Hemi Head 426” by Ray Larabie for the text. The redesign combined all three elements into one cohesive unit and gave the logo the desired hot-rod feel. Cut the logo out of diamond plate vinyl, and these trailers look as good as the cars that ride on them.

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