Perforated vinyl is more than just advertising

Executive Heating & Air wanted to get some advertising on their business frontage. We had already wrapped their van and box truck so the artwork would just need to match, easy peesy.

I had always figured that perforated window vinyl would help block out incoming heat, 50% of it is solid material. I didn’t count on it making a dramatic difference though. The office personnel remarked that they noticed an immediate cooling effect as we were installing it! Another benefit of window perf is security. Although it is nearly invisible from the inside, it’s nearly impossible to see through from the outside. It also puts a layer of vinyl on the outside of the glass, giving some protection from impact vandalism (small rocks, pellet guns, etc).

If you’ve been thinking about putting some advertising on the front of your building, consider the added benefits of applying perforated window vinyl, it’s more than just advertising.

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