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Top five reasons to invest in a vehicle wrap

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  According to Vehicle Wraps New Jersey Mobile advertising is a great way to spread your marketing message all over town. Whether your company cars are parked in front of a customer’s office, in the lot in front of your business or driving around, custom vehicle wraps are a visual way to increase your local brand recognition. On average, wrapped cars, trucks, motorcycles  or vans receive more than 50,000 views a day. For a company that depends on local customers …

We Are on Thumbtack!

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Thumbtack is a website similar to Angie’s List, but one better – their search service is free to the consumer. Customers submit their job parameters and Thumbtack’s software then chooses potential vendors and sends the job details to them. Vendors then pay a small fee to submit a quote and the customer chooses who they will use. Consumers can read reviews of potential companies before selecting one for their service needs. Check out our Thumbtack profile. Amazing Vehicle Wrap Design

ATV Graphics for Fancy Storm Racing Quad Racers

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This was the first time we have had the opportunity to take on a project like this, total customization and custom shapes on a three dimensional surface. ATV Graphics are difficult, let’s just get that out of the way. With the amount of compound curves and irregular shape, a full head-to-toe vehicle wrap is almost out of the question. It CAN be done, but the amount of time to precisely figure out where each element will land on the body …

Carbon Fiber Vinyl Stripes

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Carbon fiber vinyl is becoming extremely popular, along with camouflage wrap, you might also want to consider a doing this to your BMW 230i. Compared to traditional carbon fiber, vinyl is more cost effective. It’s also easier to work with and can be applied quicker than molding traditional material. Carbon fiber vinyl can also be applied to a variety of surfaces. Hoods, interior panels, spoilers and motorcycle fairings are some of the things that can be wrapped. An entire car …

Bank Gothic, Hollywood’s Default Sci-fi/Action Font

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I’m not a font geek, there’s only a handful of fonts that I can identify off the top of my head. One of those fonts is Bank Gothic. The reason that I’m able to so easily identify this font is because it seems every time I go to the movie theater, I see it on a poster or in a trailer. It amazes me how often Hollywood uses Bank Gothic.

Vehicle Wraps and Hard Proofs

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Decades ago, (vehicle wraps at that time were called “custom paint”), if you were going to have a job designed and produced, the only way to see what the final product would look like was by having a hard, tangible proof made. In the 50’s and 60’s (the Mad Men era), these were hand drawn comps by the artist. Eventually, color keys (four layers of colored acetate on top of each other) became prominent and then MatchPrint composite proofs. However, …

Vehicle Wraps-How Much Do They Cost?

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Today, we start a new series of Frequently Asked Questions about vehicle wraps. The first and most common question that a client asks is “How much does a vehicle wrap cost?” Like a lot of things, that’s an open-ended question. It’s similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a computer cost?” As we managed to learn more about Denver auto wraps, it became clear that vehicle wrap pricing is dependent on several factors, which …

Daisy Exchange Vehicle Wrap

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[nggallery id=2] It’s always fun when a client gives you a lot of leeway with the creativity for their vehicle wrap. The only direction for this project was “make it colorful!” Daisy Exchange is a retail resale shop that sells trendy clothing. If you walk into one of their stores, you’ll see they are decorated in a colorful and vivid atmosphere. We looked to replicate that vibe in their HHR vehicle wraps. A really fun project to work on, so keep …

OTRD Ford Explorer Vehicle Wrap

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This vehicle wrap project came to us via Jordan Advertising for the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department. The vehicle was donated by the Oklahoma Ford Dealers, thus 3 parties were involved in the approval process. A rough mockup had been provided for the design that had to be followed exactly. Oh, and did we mention that we had a little under two weeks to get artwork done, approved, printed and installed in order for the vehicle to be ready for a conference? …

Site Maintenance

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We’re currently in the process of changing a few things on the site, nothing major, just some under-the-hood enhancements. Common sense would dictate that we should change these things on a local site, then upload to the server, but whoever said common sense was always the way to do things?