Top five reasons to invest in a vehicle wrap

  According to Vehicle Wraps New Jersey Mobile advertising is a great way to spread your marketing message all over town. Whether your company cars are parked in front of a customer’s office, in the lot in front of your Read more

Confirm your vehicle wrap color before printing

  Don’t underestimate the importance of choosing colors while working with us to design your vehicle wrap. It’s one of the most impactful parts of the wrap and the first thing potential customers will notice. At Tooley Imports Australia, we’re your Read more

We are moving on up!

  The office we’ve shared with Hooper Printing for more than eight years is closing its doors, effective Aug.1. We’re moving to a temporary location until we can find a permanent home. Your business is important to us and we’re working Read more

We Are on Thumbtack!

Thumbtack is a website similar to Angie's List, but one better - their search service is free to the consumer. Customers submit their job parameters and Thumbtack's software then chooses potential vendors and sends the job details to them. Read more

Vehicle Wraps-How Much Do They Cost?

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Today, we start a new series of Frequently Asked Questions about vehicle wraps. The first and most common question that a client asks is “How much does a vehicle wrap cost?” Like a lot of things, that’s an open-ended question. It’s similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a computer cost?” As we managed to learn more about Denver auto wraps, it became clear that vehicle wrap pricing is dependent on several factors, which will be considered below. Read more

OTRD Ford Explorer Vehicle Wrap

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This vehicle wrap project came to us via Jordan Advertising for the Oklahoma Tourism & Recreation Department. The vehicle was donated by the Oklahoma Ford Dealers, thus 3 parties were involved in the approval process. A rough mockup had been provided for the design that had to be followed exactly. Oh, and did we mention that we had a little under two weeks to get artwork done, approved, printed and installed in order for the vehicle to be ready for a conference? Installation took about two days and then another half day for the grill alone? We made the deadline and all parties involved were extremely happy with the results.

New Logo Design!

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2012 Gearworks Logo Design

One of the great things about being a creative agency is you can change your logo design and stationary whenever you wish. We encourage our clients to keep their logo as consistent as possible and not to change it very often, but who says that we have to listen to or own advice?

This was just an update to our existing logo, not a major redesign. We were never 100% certain about the last logo, just never felt quite right. This version, however, looks spot on and should serve us well for quite some time.

Perforated vinyl is more than just advertising

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Executive Heating & Air wanted to get some advertising on their business frontage. We had already wrapped their van and box truck so the artwork would just need to match, easy peesy.

I had always figured that perforated window vinyl would help block out incoming heat, 50% of it is solid material. I didn’t count on it making a dramatic difference though. The office personnel remarked that they noticed an immediate cooling effect as we were installing it! Another benefit of window perf is security. Although it is nearly invisible from the inside, it’s nearly impossible to see through from the outside. It also puts a layer of vinyl on the outside of the glass, giving some protection from impact vandalism (small rocks, pellet guns, etc).

If you’ve been thinking about putting some advertising on the front of your building, consider the added benefits of applying perforated window vinyl, it’s more than just advertising.

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New campaign for roofing

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Rob Gallavan
We’re in the midst of launching a new campaign for Salazar Roofing & Construction. Brett Hart, the director for the TV spots, found a great talent in Rob Gallavan to portray the role of Weather. Rob has taken a rough character profile and fine-tuned it and made it his own. Rob’s versatility as an actor became evident as we shot the first series of 5 spots. For instance, in the “Ice Damage” spot, the “Ice, Ice Baby” line was a last-minute addition on Rob’s part, but has really set the spot apart and made the spot recognizable. Keep an eye out for Rob as we release the rest of the series over the next couple of months.