Salazar Television Commercial Production

High quality television commercial production can be out of reach for many small businesses which is why many companies use the in-house production of their local broadcast stations. As one of the premier roofing companies in the Southwest, Salazar Roofing & Construction needed to set themselves apart from their competition and generic commercials. Salazar was one of the first roofing companies to use television, however, the competition had caught up and it was time to set the bar higher.

Gearworks Media concepted the idea of “Weather,” a character that was charming, yet unpredictable. We partnered up with two other agencies for the television commercial production and were able to come up with a unique series of spots for the roofing industry. Since Salazar Roofing had already established a brand identity, we were able to focus on the character and his over-the-top nature. High production values coupled with professional actors helped to create memorable spots that caught the public’s attention and established a new standard in the Oklahoma roofing industry.

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