Vehicle Wrap-OTRD

Front drivers view of a Ford Explorer with custom orange and black vehicle wrap

This project came to us via Jordan Advertising and we were proud to work with such a respected agency in the Oklahoma City advertising community. Many times, when designing a vehicle wrap, we have to deduce the client’s wishes and likes. With this Ford Explorer vehicle wrap, Ford Motor Co. already had a design for the project. Since they were the major sponsor of the vehicle for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department Explorer, they developed the original design. Sounds easy, right?

A New Challenge for Vehicle Wraps

The particular challenge on this vehicle wrap project stemmed from the fact that the design had already been produced. However, this particular design was not high enough resolution in order for us to print it out. It also had not been developed on a scale drawing of the vehicle. This meant that we had to recreate the design exactly as Ford created and to correct scale. To add to the difficulty, communication with the original designer was not possible. This required hours of research to find the same photography as Ford had used. In some instances, the photography was not licensed for commercial use, so we had to find stock photos that were as close to the originals as possible.

Another challenge in this project was that there were three different organizations involved in the approval process. Each aesthetic aspect had to be carefully weighed and balanced in order to satisfy each organization. The timeline was tight (the project was delivered the evening before the big meeting), installation was difficult (it took two and a half days) but we were able to get everything accomplished and leave another client happy. Be sure and view the time lapse of the installation of the passenger side here.

A custom vehicle wrap for the Oklahoma Tourism and Recreation Department on a Ford Explorer

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