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Oklahoma City National Memorial

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I was downtown the other night and had my camera, so I stopped at the Oklahoma City National Memorial for a moment to try and capture some of the gravity of the site. These were just walk around shots, but I definitely want to return later with a tripod, wide-angle lens and a bit more planning. [tweetbutton] [fb-share]

Myriad Botanical Gardens Photo Shoot

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I had an opportunity to do a Myriad Botanical Gardens photo shoot in order to grab some images for a brochure I was designing. They are finishing up a $36 million¬†renovation of the Crystal Bridge Conservatory and the surrounding outside grounds of the gardens. After shooting the pictures within the Crystal Bridge, I was able to take a tour of the outside grounds with Jennifer McClintock, Marketing Director for the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department. Hopefully, I will be …

Highway 81 Photography

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  I was digging through my Lightroom library and came across an old series of shots from 2007. The photography is from various locations along Highway 81 between Oklahoma City and Enid, Oklahoma. I shot them with my first DSLR camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Considering I shot them in JPEG format instead of RAW, I was really surprised how good they came out with an overprocessed look. The grain elevator received the most retouching work; 3 trucks, a …