Lawns Plus Truck

This was a fun partial wrap for Mike Atkinson at Lawns Plus. His previous truck was white and we just splashed the logo across it at the same angle as this one. But when Mike purchased a new truck, he wanted to step up the graphics a bit. The gray paint had a lot of blue metallic in it. I added some blue to the logo, which had previously just been green & black for the most part. The Lawn Plus business cards had the logo sitting in grass, so Mike suggested a similar look. Wrapping the entire cab was out of the question since we would be unable to match the metallic paint. The solution was to die-cut the entire piece of artwork. It was a fairly lengthy process, setting up the diecut of a complex logo and all the grass, especially since there had to appear to be grass in front of AND behind the logo shield.

Mike was incredibly pleased with the end result. I too was incredibly pleased with the way it looked after installation. I always tell first time clients that the proof that they see is about 75% accurate, it’s going to look much better when it’s actually on the vehicle. In this case, I would say the proof was about 60% accurate, the final result exceeded everyone’s expectations.

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