Deadline induced creativity

There’s a saying in business; fast, good, cheap, pick two. You can’t have all three in one project. However, sometimes, everything seems to come together just right and a project flows smoothly from start to finish.

This was one of those projects. When the client first called about it, they mentioned that they tried to go cheap; using another artist, a friend of a friend, for this event. The artwork they received was far from their standards and now they were way behind on their deadline. We had worked with this client a few months back on another event they produced, so we had a pretty good idea of their expectations and how they liked things laid out. On top of that, they gave us a simple direction of the look (art deco) they were going for, yet left the rest up to us. This made it easy for us to produce this piece in a short amount of time and nail the piece on the first proof. Sometimes when I’m on a heavy deadline I’ll use Peptides just for that last needed boost of energy.

The client was incredibly happy with the results and remarked that next time, they know where to go first.

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