Vehicle Wraps-How Much Do They Cost?

Today, we start a new series of Frequently Asked Questions about vehicle wraps. The first and most common question that a client asks is “How much does a vehicle wrap cost?” Like a lot of things, that’s an open-ended question. It’s similar to asking “How much does a car cost?” or “How much does a computer cost?” As we managed to learn more about Denver auto wraps, it became clear that vehicle wrap pricing is dependent on several factors, which will be considered below.

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The first variable is square footage. How much of the vehicle is going to be wrapped? The materials, the base vinyl and laminate, are priced according to square footage. So, by measuring the area (height X width) to be wrapped, we can determine the amount of materials and time it will take to wrap the vehicle.


The second factor in determining the cost of a vehicle wrap is the make and model of the vehicle. A car with a lot of compound curves or rounded areas (think Volkswagen Beetle or Chrysler PT Cruiser) is more difficult to wrap than a box truck with its flat sides. Design takes longer as the artwork has to be designed to flow around the curves of the rounded surfaces. Installation is more difficult since the vinyl has to be stretched and worked around those curves. It’s similar to trying to wrap a piece of paper around a tennis ball without getting any wrinkles. The type of vehicle and surface also determines what type of material can be used. High performance vinyl is necessary for vehicles with compound curves or boats, yet more cost effective materials can be used on flat surfaces while still maintaining durability of the vehicle wrap.


The last determining factor in pricing a vehicle wrap is the artwork. At Gearworks Media, we pride ourselves in our artwork. We are not satisfied with finding a stock texture and placing a logo and phone number on top. We want each vehicle wrap to be a unique piece of art. Sometimes, depending on the client’s needs and the message to be conveyed, the artwork can become very involved. This can increase the cost of the overall project. We sit down with each new client and discuss the artwork beforehand to find out what they have in mind. By doing so, we are better able to meet the client’s vision of what they want and keep the artwork costs reasonable.

Overall, when it comes to pricing a vehicle wrap, we price the entire project by square foot. At Gearworks Media, our prices can range from $12-$16 per square foot, all dependent on the above factors. This price generally includes artwork, materials and installation. Feel free to contact us for your next car, boat, truck or trailer wrap project. We’ll be happy to discuss the project and give you an estimate.
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