Bank Gothic, Hollywood’s Default Sci-fi/Action Font

I’m not a font geek, there’s only a handful of fonts that I can identify off the top of my head. One of those fonts is Bank Gothic. The reason that I’m able to so easily identify this font is because it seems every time I go to the movie theater, I see it on a poster or in a trailer. It amazes me how often Hollywood uses Bank Gothic. You would think that the artists that work on the credits/titles/posters would realize how overused the font is and look for something else. Sometimes, I’ll spend hours perusing my font collection looking for the just the right font to suit a project. However, the artists working on big-budget productions seem to default to Bank Gothic any time they are working on a sci-fi or action project. Now we all have our favorite fonts that we default to from time to time, maybe it’s the same artist working on all these projects and Bank Gothic is their favorite! Here’s several uses of the font that I found. Keep an eye out, you’ll start to notice this font when at the theater or on the television.

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Here are some other examples.
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