Top five reasons to invest in a vehicle wrap

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Confirm your vehicle wrap color before printing

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We are moving on up!

  The office we’ve shared with Hooper Printing for more than eight years is closing its doors, effective Aug.1. We’re moving to a temporary location until we can find a permanent home. Your business is important to us and we’re working Read more

We Are on Thumbtack!

Thumbtack is a website similar to Angie's List, but one better - their search service is free to the consumer. Customers submit their job parameters and Thumbtack's software then chooses potential vendors and sends the job details to them. Read more

Site Maintenance

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We’re currently in the process of changing a few things on the site, nothing major, just some under-the-hood enhancements. Common sense would dictate that we should change these things on a local site, then upload to the server, but whoever said common sense was always the way to do things?

New Logo Design!

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2012 Gearworks Logo Design

One of the great things about being a creative agency is you can change your logo design and stationary whenever you wish. We encourage our clients to keep their logo as consistent as possible and not to change it very often, but who says that we have to listen to or own advice?

This was just an update to our existing logo, not a major redesign. We were never 100% certain about the last logo, just never felt quite right. This version, however, looks spot on and should serve us well for quite some time.

Mustang on ’66

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1st project for Mustang Brewing Company. This is a limited edition seasonal run, and probably one of their best beers yet. We used their existing labels as the basis and just updated the look. Client liked it so much that we’re going to give the same treatment to their entire line of craft beers. Since our office is on Rt. 66, we had to get a picture of the beer on the “mother road.”

Mustang Brewing Company Winter Lager

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Seaba Station Business Card Design

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Seaba Station, a motorcycle museum in Chandler, OK, wanted a vintage look for their business card design. We used a collage of old images to help achieve the desired look.

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Carbon Fiber MacBook Pro Skin

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Carbon Fiber Skin for MacBook Pro

Needed to protect my laptop from scratches and dings, so why not make a custom one? Took a couple of hours to get all the measurements down, but I think it turned out great. I used 3M Wrap Film Series 1080 (DiNoc) to create the carbon fiber MacBook Pro skin. The material very easy to work with, and surprisingly thick. Next project is to wrap some interior pieces on the car, will post pictures when done.

Myriad Botanical Gardens Photo Shoot

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I had an opportunity to do a Myriad Botanical Gardens photo shoot in order to grab some images for a brochure I was designing. They are finishing up a $36 million renovation of the Crystal Bridge Conservatory and the surrounding outside grounds of the gardens. After shooting the pictures within the Crystal Bridge, I was able to take a tour of the outside grounds with Jennifer McClintock, Marketing Director for the Oklahoma City Parks & Recreation Department. Hopefully, I will be able to return a little later this year and shoot the outside portions. The renovation has made the MBG a tremendous destination for downtown Oklahoma City, right next to the new Devon Tower. As soon as you get the chance, be sure to visit the new Myriad Botanical Gardens.

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Perforated vinyl is more than just advertising

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Executive Heating & Air wanted to get some advertising on their business frontage. We had already wrapped their van and box truck so the artwork would just need to match, easy peesy.

I had always figured that perforated window vinyl would help block out incoming heat, 50% of it is solid material. I didn’t count on it making a dramatic difference though. The office personnel remarked that they noticed an immediate cooling effect as we were installing it! Another benefit of window perf is security. Although it is nearly invisible from the inside, it’s nearly impossible to see through from the outside. It also puts a layer of vinyl on the outside of the glass, giving some protection from impact vandalism (small rocks, pellet guns, etc).

If you’ve been thinking about putting some advertising on the front of your building, consider the added benefits of applying perforated window vinyl, it’s more than just advertising.

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Portfolio Page

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This ever-evolving website is now fully operational. The Gearworks Portfolio is now online. And though it may be online, the styling still leaves a little to be desired. Using the “Simple Portfolio” to generate the portfolio pages turned out to be a little more difficult task than expected for those of us that don’t dream in CSS & PHP code. We’ll slowly tweak the look and continue to update the page in the future.

Spot the Retouching Error-05/19/11

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Custom flame paint on Kawasaki Vulcan

So, here is the photography “Spot the Retouching Error” for this week. Actually, this one is spot the glaring error in the photo that SHOULD BE RETOUCHED. Go to our FaceBook page to discuss!

Highway 81 Photography

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I was digging through my Lightroom library and came across an old series of shots from 2007. The photography is from various locations along Highway 81 between Oklahoma City and Enid, Oklahoma. I shot them with my first DSLR camera, a Canon Digital Rebel XT. Considering I shot them in JPEG format instead of RAW, I was really surprised how good they came out with an overprocessed look. The grain elevator received the most retouching work; 3 trucks, a telephone pole, a large trash bin and about 7 electrical lines had to be removed.

When I first saw these shots, I was disappointed, but revisiting them several years later has given me a new outlook on them. In this day and age, almost any photo can be salvaged and it really shows that you’re only limited by your creative vision.